Weather in Mazatlán, Sin: Español

Mazatlan is an outstanding dining destination; here you can savor the freshest seafood Mexico. Try the marlin tacos, aguachile squid and pork rinds.They are a delicacy!

Historical center

Historical Center Stroll through the historic center whose buildings are over 180 years old and runs the Plaza Machado to enjoy the gardens and kiosk.


Walk the boardwalk, the second longest in the world, 7 km long. We recommend you walk it from south to north, from the lighthouse to the Valentino's nightclub, notes that the process of urbanization that has lived this port over the years.


Live your Carnival in late February, one of the largest in the country with over 100 years of tradition.


visit Mazatlan Aquarium, a must for this destination that hosts a variety of marine species and where shows of sea lions and birds are made.


The typical transport pulmonías Mazatlan are similar to those courses that take you through the main street and the boardwalk strollers.Do not forget to take a picture!

Night life

Nightlife If you are one of those disclosed who enjoy the nightlife, attending the Valentino's, the most famous of Mazatlan and a varied musical approach disc.


Ecotourism lovers can not miss a visit to the Deer Island (next to the Lobos Island and Birds Island) where you can practice medium and deep diving, and kayaking.

Small Square Machado

At dusk, the center of Mazatlan takes on another face. The Plaza Machado is an excellent place to dine or have a drink in one of its bars and restaurants.

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